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Archive: Small Moments in the Community

On this page (below) you will find examples of small moments with big impact throughout Indiana. Come here to be inspired and to connect with others doing primary prevention in a community near you!

Barnes Park Re-opening

For the past five years as part of the Delta Focus project that began in March 2013, Hands of Hope, a division of Family Service Society, Inc. has been working to think broadly about how they can work to ensure safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments at various segments of the community. 
Prior to the neighborhood's effort to rehabilitate the park, it had fallen into such a state of neglect and infrequent use that the city stopped mowing and maintaining the area. With a small infusion of DELTA FOCUS dollars and hundreds of volunteer hours from neighbors, the team worked to create an inviting space where families and neighbors could gather. Rehabilitation efforts have included the installation of new playground equipment, landscaping, signage, grills, trash cans, a bike rack and a little library. Hands of Hope is evaluating increases in park utilization, neighbors’ feelings of neighborhood pride, and willingness to take positive action to increase neighborhood safety.
For more information, contact: Linda Wilk, Director, Hands of Hope/Family Service Society Inc. 


The Barnes Park development has been at true venture between many people from the community and a blending of city officials, students, and neighborhood folks. 

Learn more about the project from Prevent Connect!

  • Prevent Connect Peer Learning Forum: here

  • Images of Barnes Park: here

Barnes Park
Code of Conduct
Hands of Hope
Youth League Code of Conduct

What are things within your community that bring people together? For Grant County, Indiana, it is undeniably, sports! Sports are often used as a great way to teach youth lessons on the field as well as off the field. Yet time and again, most people have witnessed disrespectful behavior coming from parents, coaches and athletes alike. In order to address this, Hands of Hope, a division of Family Service Society, Inc. partnered with Ole Miss Youth Sports in Gas City, Indiana, to develop a Code of Conduct for players, parents and coaches.

Org. Empowerment
Hands of Hope
Organizational Empowerment

At Family Service Society, Inc., staff is committed to creating safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments for clients. To further this, the Agency agreed to participate in an organizational assessment to identify strengths as well as things that the agency could do to increase social inclusion and to reduce power differentials between clients and staff.

Community Connectivity
Community Connectivity

At Prevail, we believe that strong families and community connectivity are crucial to the well-being of our children.  By coming together as a community, we can help all of our kids make the most of their childhoods and grow into successful, contributing adults.

Page By Page
Page by Page
Monroe County Youth Council

 Monroe County Youth Council is the place for teens interested in service and leadership in Monroe County Indiana and are the leaders of the Page by Page asset building program. Page By Page includes the delivery of four 30 minute session to elementary-aged students. Each session will be focused on one of the Search Institute's Developmental Asset categories. Trained high school students from MCYC will implement a developmentally-appropriate session plan that includes an activity, reading an asset-rich book, and reflection. Visit this website for materials and contact information:

Childhood Conditions Summit
BTCC MC3 Summit 
Safe, Stable & Nurturing Relationships and Environments for all children in Monroe County, Indiana

BTCC joined Youth Services Bureau of Monroe County to coordinate and host the first MC3 (Monroe County Childhood Conditions) Summit!  "What surrounds us shapes us" was both a grounding and guiding idea for the summit. About 170 community members convened at the Convention Center with opportunities for learning across the social ecology (relationships, organizations, communities, and society).

Building a Thriving Compassionate Community (BTCC ) Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge

BTCC is a network of organizations and individuals collaborating to provide training, build relationships, and promote actionable change to address the root causes of social problems in Monroe County. Building a Thriving Compassionate Community (BTCC) represent a diverse group of local stakeholders working to create a safer, more stable, and nurturing community and are leading an effort to make Monroe County, Indiana the best place in the country to be a child. Through engaging in a collective impact approach, BTCC will act as the backbone support for seventeen cross-sector agencies, organizations, and coalitions to improve the conditions of Monroe County to ensure that all children have optimal environments to grow, live, learn and play.


Building a Thriving Compassionate Community is an endeavor that includes a great many individuals and agencies in Monroe County, including Youth Services Bureau of Monroe County who collaborate to bring #smallmoments to the local community of Bloomington, Indiana. Please visit their website for more information about BTCC (! 

BTCC Healthiest
I am not defined by . . . 

Albion Fellows Bacon Center believes that everyone deserves healthy and respectful relationships.  We accomplish this through our primary prevention initiatives by addressing root causes of violence, building skills, promoting healthy relationships, and shifting cultures to promote respect.  By encouraging and building safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments, we can prevent all forms of violence and build a thriving community to live, work and play. 


Albion Fellows Bacon Center’s prevention program is strategically focused working on initiatives to build connectedness based on findings from past community needs assessments.  We are working to build a community where everyone feels safe, seen, heard, supported, significant, and cared for.  One of our efforts included producing a video that explores how labels both support and limit how we connect with one another.

I am Not Defined By . . .

Melissa Reed



Rebecca Moore


Council on Domestic Abuse (CODA) explores Safe, Stable and Nurturing Environments and Relationships in Partnership with United States Penitentiary and other high risk communities.

Our community has been overwhelmingly supportive of CODA in our mission to prevent violence by spreading the ICADV’s Small moment’s campaign.


We have been invited into various environments to explore safe, stable and nurturing relationships within the Wabash Valley. CODA has been successful in providing this education with the United Sates Penitentiary of Terre Haute, Rockville Women’s Prison, Freebird sober living environment, Terre Haute Housing Authority’s public housing units, local high schools and colleges as well as during public seminars with CODA’s Male Engagement Group and CODA Youth Council.


We are currently evaluating our efforts and are seeing an impact this program has within our community. We will continue to strive forward to reach more youth and adults as we all play a role in the safety and health of our community.

SAFE IS . . . 
Safe is . . . A Better Way
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